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Tired of Playing the Game

Updated: Apr 27, 2021

For the last 14 months, we've been bombarded with messaging telling us how to think, how to vote, how to act and how (and who) to hate. It's become exhausting to try and think for yourself or to try and think independently of the media and the masses. Everything in the last year is presented to us in the form of a two choices - the good one and the bad one, the right choice and the wrong choice.

The algorithms that are inherent to Twitter, Fakebook, the Googles, Amazon and even Netflix send us information and opinions designed to bring us to a world in which everyone agrees with us...but it's not the real world. It's an social media echo chamber created to sell your data to the highest bidder, it's not a functioning or functional society.

Our societal problems will not and cannot be solved by making one group right and one group wrong on every, single issue...sooner or later each of us will find ourselves on the wrong side of an issue. Maybe when we all become outsiders we'll realize that a community of people just like us is one of the most ridiculous ideas that we've ever heard.

Noted philospher and soldier John Winger, once said:

"We’re Americans, with a capital ‘A’, huh? You know what that means? Do ya? That means that our forefathers were kicked out of every decent country in the world. We are the wretched refuse. We’re the underdog. We’re mutts!"

Come out of your echo chamber - talk to someone who doesn't think or look like you. Look for things you can agree on but don't hate someone because they don't agree with you (except for Vikings fans). Identity politics and cancel culture are antithetical to a healthy community. Hating others and being hated is exhausting...and we're all so tired.

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