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Understanding Value

Sometimes tt's almost funny to share how much business owners that tell me they are number or math haters.  But when it comes to what we do at Keefe Consulting, the role of numbers in all stages of a business cannot be denied.  We want you to know where you are in your business life cycle and the starting point is - what is my business worth?

A major part of strategy is to plan with the end in mind.  We've seen too many businesses fail or become stagnated through a short sighted strategy.


Growing up in a small, rural community I learned this simple adage about running a successful business in a small town.  If your business is not growing, your business might be dying or be "fixing" to die.

Keefe Consulting partners with BIZ|EQUITY who has an open source software used by Businesses and their Advisors to value more than 33 million business worldwide.  And through our subscription to BIZ|EQUITY, it's free for anyone to use by clicking the button.

Here's what you need to use it.  Your tax returns for the last three (3) years and a few minutes of time to enter information.  And if you struggle with it or you don't understand, reach out to me and I'll take a look. 

My commitment is to provide 4 to 8 hours of consulting or conversation at no charge, so please reach out if you want to talk.  Frankly, I love to hear about your story and I won't call you unless you ask me for help.

What is My Business Worth?

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