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Standing in the Gap - What Does it Mean?

People have asked me - what does your slogan mean...what do you mean by standing in the gap for you, your business and your family?

Its actually a biblical image from the Old Testament (i.e. it's so old, it's kind of cool...just like me). In Ezekiel 22, the prophet Ezekiel is talking about building a wall around around God's possessions. It's in v. 30 that we get the practical advice that a wall is most vulnerable while it's under construction so someone has to stand in the gaps of the wall.

Most Christian theologians will tell you that standing in the gap is about prayer but – to me – the image from Ezekiel 22:30 is about two people who are working. One of them is building the wall and one of them is temporarily standing in the gaps or weak spots until the wall is complete and the gaps are eliminated.

If you're building a business and you're under $30 million in revenue, I hope you can relate to that image...until you get it to a certain size to hire supporting managers, you're going to have gaps. Those are the gaps I can help you fill.

As a long-time CPA and CFO, I have 35+ years in accounting and finance; leadership, strategic, management, operations, human resources and even sales and marketing experience. More importantly, all but seven years of my life has been spent working in or around family businesses - I've even owned a family business...and survived.

Think of Keefe Consulting LLC as standing in the gap so you can concentrate on building the wall around your possessions...your business. It's hard for entrepreneurs to admit, but none of us are experts in everything and learning to delegate things that we do not like to do or we do not do well is one of the keys to growing.

Go back to Ezekiel 22 and imagine how it would work if the person building the wall would get done with his/her work when the sun went down and then he/she would go stand in the gaps of the wall all night before going back to building the wall again in the morning. Unfortunately, many business owners are in that cycle...and you don't have to be stuck there.

Right now, I have clients in several industries including real estate, construction, food production, e-commerce, traditional retail, and others. I bring an owner’s mentality to all my clients and look forward to standing in the gap for you. Give me a call.

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