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Keefe Consulting LLC
Helping You and Your Business Succeed

Keefe Consulting LLC is - for the most part - Patrick Keefe...and his eclectic network of people who are willing to help.  Patrick (Pat) has over 50 years of experience working in and around family owned businesses. He likes to believe that he's among the last of the generalists.


His business and personal experiences (click on the LinkedIn link for more) provide him with years of financial, administrative and operational experience across several industries. 

For the past six (6) years, he's been consulting full-time and providing services to family and small businesses.  These include:

  • Consulting - providing businesses with the services and wisdom of a CFO. These services also include work as a Fractional CFO.

  • Transactional - providing businesses and real estate investors assistance on refinancing or buying or selling a business or assets

  • Valuation - partnering with BIZ|EQUITY to provide valuations for clients that we use as a part of our overall strategy.

  • Business Broker - Keefe Consulting owns the Minnesota franchise for Elite Business Brokers and has negotiated multiple sales and transfers of businesses.  Our focus and experience is family or key employee purchases and we partner with real estate brokers if you have real estate as part of your business.

In addition, Keefe Consulting's mission includes doing ten (10) percent of our work pro bono to Companies in the start-up phase and/or Companies in "trouble."  Some of these services are provided for free and some are provided for deferred or contingent fees based on the outcomes.

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